Words by:  Henry Creamer (June 21, 1879 – October 14, 1930)

Music by:  Turner Layton (July 2, 1894 – February 6, 1978)

"After You've Gone" is a 1918 popular song composed by Turner Layton, with lyrics written by Henry Creamer. It was recorded by Marion Harris on July 22,1918 and released on Victor 18509. It is the basis for many other jazz songs, as it can easily be improvised over

Recorded by several artists such as Louis Armstrong, Frank Sinatra and Ella Fitzgerald.


The front cover of Marion Harris's 1918 single.

LYRICS:  After You've Gone


Now won't you listen honey while I say

How could you tell me that you're going away

Don't say that we must part

Don't break your baby's heart

You know I loved you for these many years

Loved you night and day

Oh honey baby can't you see my tears

Listen while I say


After you've gone and left me crying

After you've gone there's no denying,

You'll feel blue, you'll feel sad,

You'll miss the bestest pal you've ever had

There'll come a time, now don't forget it,

There'll come a time, when you'll regret it

Oh! Babe, think what you're doing

You know my love for you will drive me to ruin,

After you've gone

After you've gone away, away.


Don't you remember how you used to say

You'd always love me in the same old way

And now it's very strange

That you should ever change

Perhaps some other sweetie's won your heart

Tempted you away

But let me warn you tho' we're miles apart

You'll regret some day