Words & Music by: Variously attributed to John B. Vaughan (1862-1918?) orJames D. Vaughan (1864-1941) 

Vaughan is generally considered to be one of the founders of the genre now known as "Southern Gospel" music. He started the James D. Vaughan Music Publishing Company in 1900 and in 1910, he was the first to establish a professional quartet and put them on the road for the purpose of selling songbooks. 

As one of the most significant figures in southern gospel music, James D. Vaughan was inducted into the Southern Gospel Music Hall of Fame in 1997.


Hymns of Glorious Praise, Springfield, Missouri:  Gospel Publishing House, 1969.


James D. Vaughan (1864-1941)

John B. Vaughan (1862-1918?)

LYRICS:  We Shall See the King 

1. There’s a blessed time that’s coming, coming soon (coming soon),
It may be evening, morning or at noon (or at noon),
The wedding of the bride, united with the Groom,
We shall see the King when He comes.


We shall see the King, We shall see the King,
We shall see the King when He comes;
He is coming in pow’r, we’ll hail the blessed hour,
We shall see the King when he comes.

2. Are you ready should the Savior call today? (call today)
Would Jesus say, “Well done” or “Go away”? (Go away)
My home is for the pure, the vile can never stay,
We shall see the King when He comes.

3. Oh, my brother, are you ready for the call? (for the call)
To crown your Savior King and Lord of all? (Lord of all)
The kingdoms of this world shall soon before Him fall,
We shall see the king when He comes.